We Are... is a coffee shop that promotes inter-cultural understanding. By introducing a range of coffee that are traditionally made from
around the world, it creates communication and an insight into how other cultures live and what traditions they might have. This helps
others to understand their culture and way of life and hopefully spreads knowledge through the love of coffee.

Poster Concept 

Takeaway Coffee Cup

Much like other coffee house's, the name of the coffee is written on the takeaway cup. However, the cup also has where the coffee was originated from to celebrate and remind us of the fact that we can integrate and learn from one anothers culture.


Menu Design

We are a Noteboard

In order to celebrate yourself, you must celebrate what makes you, you. At my degree show I displayed a board with sticky notes and pens,
 for passers by to write anything they want. I didn't write any rules, instructions or any clue as to what they could be. The result of this is shown below.
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