I was given this brief during my first year at College. The project was to produce two vector posters with illustrator to promote an exhibition for a created venue. I chose to do Museum for Robots and focused on old fashioned, vintage and retro design for this project. I used muted dark colours that were used in political posters at the time of the popularity of toy robots. 


Robots began to be developed with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, which allowed the use of complex mechanics, and the introduction of electricity. This made it possible to power machines with small compact motors. In the early 20th century, the notion of a humanoid machine was developed. Today, one can envisage human-sized robots with the capacity for near-human thoughts and movement.
During the time when toy robots became popular with young children, sexism was rife. Before WW1 women were expected to clean, cook, stay at home and look after the children. To reflect that time period in the design, I made a female version that would spark a thought of how much we genderised and relate women to housework. 
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